Wisinger Fasting, Nutrition & Wellbeing is now offering effective exercise with smoveys for anybody who would like to improve their mobility.

What are smoveys?

When fellow Austrian, Johann Salzwimmer, a keen sportsman, was confronted with the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, he wanted to do something to prohibit the progress of the illness. He chose a rather unusual approach, and invented a new piece of sports equipment - smoveys. They are two bright green rings with grips that embed 4 moving steel balls.

See a short video where Smovey Inventor Johann Salzwimmer explains how he felt on the day of his Parkinson's diagnosis and how he invented his first smovey prototype influenced by his beloved tennis clubs.

Smovey training is health in your hands as it

- Activates the muscles

- Vitalises body cells

- Strengthens connective tissue

- Stimulates the digestive system and metabolism

- Improves the function of the lymphatic system

- Supports the immune system

- Strengthens the heart and circulatory system

A physiotherapist showed in her diploma work with 10 Parkinson's sufferers, how they improved the mobility of spine and shoulders due to the centrifugal force with which the smoveys function. Furthermore it has been found that the vibration of the steel balls within the rings has positive impact on the entire body, energising it and improving circulation.

More and more Austrian capacities from the area of physiotherapy, doctors, TCM practitioners, trainers and kinesiologists know about the positive impact of smoveys and recommend them to their clients.

It is a wonderful way to improve mobility, to energise the body and it is very enjoyable - come and try it out!

You can also train with smoveys sitting down in a chair/ wheel chair and you can train from 3 years onwards. Kids immensly enjoy the fun exercise with smoveys!

We also offer home visits and 1:1 sessions, we visit schools and care homes for the Elderly.

Smoveys are available in the clinic, or can be purchased from our online store (see right). The price is £85.- plus postage and they come with 1 year warranty and a 50 minutes CD with introduction, exercises and chakra massage.

For further information and/ or appointments please get in touch.

What do people say about Smovey training?

Such a sensible and great nutritional and health focused approach that is individual and fits my lifestyle. Loved the smovey exercise as well, seemed easy, but I could feel every muscle the next day...Can't recommend enough!

Violetta, Health Coaching & smoveyWALK

I can feel that I can breathe better since I come to your smovey classes.

Colin, Smovey training for movement disorders

Ever since I come to you to train with smovey, my legs are not painful anymore when getting out of bed in the morning.

KIm, Smovey training for movement disorders