How I discovered fasting, and how it can help you too

Photo: Sonia Wisinger

I am originally from Vienna and I have started fasting in 1999, originally by introducing dinner cancelling (eTRF) into my weekly routine. This worked very effectivily and soon after I experimented with all various forms of intermittent fasting.

Austria is also the place where I had my first ever Buchinger fasting experience, and where I subsequently trained as a fasting coach so that I could help others discover the benefits of fasting.

In 2005, after I had just completed a major merger project working in the corporate world, I was in search for a holiday of...well, a more spiritual kind.

I sought rest, peace and solitude to regain strength.

It was then that I thought a monastery surrounded by beautiful nature would be just the place to reconnect with myself and, as a keen martial artist in training, the offering of fasting intrigued me.

My first Buchinger fast lasted two weeks and it was an amazing experience which has stayed with me ever since!

It is fair to say that I was mentally and physically exhausted at the time, suffering from migraines and IBS. There was also a problem with my skin that haunted me since my early child hood and did not exactly promote my confidence.

During this first fast my skin cleared up, the migraine associated pain in my face disappeared and due to the elimination diet that followed the fast, I discovered that my eating patterns were the main contributors to my skin problems and IBS. After that first fasting experience my migraine never returned and that for me was a phenomenal success!

Since then I do a Buchinger/ Luetzner fast twice a year, every year, and it helped me to explore a lot about myself, to develop strength and focus, and it keeps my health in an optimal state. In between my Buchinger fasts I add alkaline fasts and occasionally throughout the week I still practise dinner cancelling or other forms of intermittent fasting which complements my healthy eating habits and exercise as well as supporting my fitness and weight goals effortlessly.

Sonia Wisinger, INHC, CIHC - Founder, Wisinger Fasting, Nutrition & Wellbeing

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Feedback I have received

Thank you so much Sonia for all your very valuable insight. It was great to be able to work through the fast with you - I learnt a lot about myself and my weaknesses when it comes to food.

Claire, Buchinger/Luetzner fasting

I have lost over 10 kg as a result of my fast and, perhaps more importantly, I know will lead a more disciplined/healthy lifestyle following the fast. Spending my vacation fasting has actually been a lot of fun!

Alexander, Dinner Cancelling and Buchinger/Luetzner Fast

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Medically tested fasting coach
IIN Certified health coach
Certified smoveyCOACH
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