Health coaching

Image: UK Healthcoaches Association

Health coaching is a long-term plan focused on improving your health. I will help you to focus on your defined health goals, to commit to them, and to make small manageable steps towards the bigger goal that is a complete new sense of wellbeing.

Every month, I'll provide you with

- 2x 50 min sessions

- Email support between the sessions (48 hour TAT)

- Personalised eating proposal

- Occasional seasonal recipes

- Natural health proposals

- Incorporated intermittent fasting times (if health allows)

- Lifestyle modification if required

- Ongoing motivational support

There are 3- and 6 month packages available and you can prolong the services as needed.

I recommend however a minimum of six months, as it has been proven to bring the most effective results. You will need sufficient time to incorporate new habits.

The sessions can be done either in person at my Marylebone practice or via Skype.

First consultation fee is £120 for 90 minutes.

Get in touch and arrange a consultation now.

Sonia, you are a pathfinder!

Livia, Incorporated dinner cancelling

Such a sensible and great nutritional and health focused approach that is individual and fits my lifestyle. Loved the smovey exercise as well, seemed easy, but I could feel every muscle the next day...Can't recommend enough!

Violetta, Health Coaching & smoveyWALK

Thank you, Sonia, I could not have done it without you! You have made such a difference to my overall health - I feel lighter and brighter!

Emma, Health Coaching & 7 day Buchinger/Luetzner fast

Sonia has helped me to apply changes gradually to my weight, health and wellbeing. She is highly organised and informed. I will be back!

Caterina, 6 months health coaching package

Today is day 5 - I feel really motivated and most importantly I am seeing the results. Thanks for suggesting the FMD! I have been taking the meals to the office which has been very convenient and I am already thinking when I can do my next FMD

Jose, Fasting Mimicking Diet