Weight loss from fasting

Amongst the many benefits of fasting, when it is done correctly, is the reduction of overall body weight.

Fasting is not in itself a weight-loss treatment, but bodyweight reduction is a common side-effect alongside the other benefits of fasting such as clear skin and overall better health.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

The amount of weight each person loses is individually different. The tendency is that during a Buchinger fast women lose around 6-8lbs in the first week, while men usually will lose a bit more.

A lot of the outcome of a fast depends also on how disciplined you are with your exercise and with sticking to the recommendations from your fasting coach.

How can I start fasting?

It is important to fast sensibly and you wil see much better results if you fast with proper supervision. Wisinger are the only properly trained English-language fasting coach in the UK and can help you put together a plan for before, during and after your fast so that you can enjoy the maximum benefits of fasting.

Today is day 5 - I feel really motivated and most importantly I am seeing the results. Thanks for suggesting the FMD! I have been taking the meals to the office which has been very convenient and I am already thinking when I can do my next FMD

Jose, Fasting Mimicking Diet