Learn more about fasting

Here we will collect some of the most authoritative work done on the effects of fasting for you to explore.


A film by Sylvie Gilman & Thierry Vincent de Lestrade on the scientific applications of fasting. For half a century, in Russia, Germany and the U.S., doctors and biologists have been exploring a different therapeutic approach: fasting. The results are amazing! These researches suggest a wide-ranging potential, which could include treatments for the disease of the century, cancer. 



Slaven Stekovic is an Austrian scientist and entrepreneur working on nutritional ways to prolong human life span and improve health during ageing. He has been awarded several international idea awards and is a member of some of the most prestigious international scientific organizations. He is working on innovative strategies for the extension of human life span and application of scientific results into real-life scenarios. In this TEDxGraz talk he is elaborating on the topics of fasting, autophagy and why it makes your cells happy.