Buchinger/Luetzner fasting

Sonia Wisinger explains Buchinger/Luetzner fasting.

The Buchinger/Luetzner Fasting methodology is named after its founder Dr. Otto Buchinger, who developed the therapeutic fasting cure.

Dr. Hellmut Luetzner then adapted the methodology and made its approach available to the public at large.

The method entails a combination of tea- and juice-fasting with an addition of one vegetable broth daily, and plenty of still water throughout the day. Juice and broth will ensure that your body is sufficiently provided with vitamins and minerals. This fast is intended for people who are of relatively robust physical health and are looking to feel their best.

It is a conscious and deliberate abstention of food and the fast is of limited duration.

Dr. Otto Buchinger, inventor of Buchinger fasting.

A Buchinger/Luetzner fast brings a lot of insight about how much food we really need, the way we eat and use food in our daily life's.

The 5 principles of Buchinger/Luetzner fasting

  1. Eat no food – just drink fluids
  2. Avoid everything that is not essential – anything that could harm your body or is unnecessary during fasting
  3. Detach from your daily routine, possibly also family and worklife – this is time only for yourself
  4. Be in harmony with yourself and nature – listen to your body
  5. Promote all ways to eliminate waste products or toxins from your body

How can I start doing Buchinger/Luetzner fasting?

Our fasting coaching will guide and coach you through the process. Please feel free to get in touch.

Feedback I have received

Thank you so much Sonia for all your very valuable insight. It was great to be able to work through the fast with you - I learnt a lot about myself and my weaknesses when it comes to food.

Claire, Buchinger/Luetzner fasting

Thank you, Sonia, I could not have done it without you! You have made such a difference to my overall health - I feel lighter and brighter!

Emma, Health Coaching & 7 day Buchinger/Luetzner fast

I have lost over 10 kg as a result of my fast and, perhaps more importantly, I know will lead a more disciplined/healthy lifestyle following the fast. Spending my vacation fasting has actually been a lot of fun!

Alexander, Dinner Cancelling and Buchinger/Luetzner Fast