Fasting Coach London

To make sure you get the best out of your fasting, it is important to fast under supervision.

A fasting coach will help you to prepare your fast thoroughly, advice you on necessary steps and support you with your questions during the fast, and will make sure that you build up your food intake correctly after your fast.

Furthermore your fasting coach will also be able to assist you with lifestyle and nutritional guidance.

Let us help you get the best from fasting

Our tailored plans will help you to reap all the benefits of fasting to the fullest extent:


In the first consultation we will establish the reasons for your fast and what kind of methodology will be suitable for you.

Please reserve 60-90 minutes for your first appointment.

The cost for your first consultation is £120.-.

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Fasting supervisions

Your ambulatory fast will include professional guidance and care with daily 1:1 check-ups, written instructions and an activity plan for the week. You can also choose from our offer of gentle yoga asanas, indoor and outdoor exercise, meditation and relaxation as well as spiritual and creative impulses. There will be instructions on internal and external cleansing methods, information on preventive naturopathic approaches and we will focus to stabilise and improve your general wellbeing. You will be provided with recipes for your Buchinger/ Luetzner fast and a menu plan plus seasonal shopping list to guide you through your alkaline fast. Everything else you will need for your homeguided fast will be available at the clinic including a range of wonderful Sonnentor fasting teas and our raw honeys (From Field & Flower).

Pre- and post fast plans and guides

The supervision includes a thorough preparation prefast and a careful build-up of your food intake after your fast to make your fast a life changing, positive experience for you. Plus, I will guide you on nutritional aspects that suit you and lifestyle changes should modifications in that area be desired.

Fasting retreats and spa days

For those who want to have the full fasting experience taking time off work and the busy city life, we are offering Buchinger/ Luetzner fasting retreats in the countryside. Please check the Work with me page for more details!

Photo: Deutsche Fastenakademie

Thank you so much Sonia for all your very valuable insight. It was great to be able to work through the fast with you - I learnt a lot about myself and my weaknesses when it comes to food.

Claire, Buchinger/Luetzner fasting

Thanks for the support in the last 2 weeks. It's been a great experience and a real eye opener.

Rhian, 14 day Alkaline Fast

Sonia, you are a pathfinder!

Livia, Incorporated dinner cancelling

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since working with Sonia is that I stopped drinking coffee and consequently also stopped smoking. I am calmer since and in spite of turbulence in my life I am now committed not to break my new healthy habits!

Alessandro, Alkaline Fast

Thank you, Sonia, I could not have done it without you! You have made such a difference to my overall health - I feel lighter and brighter!

Emma, Health Coaching & 7 day Buchinger/Luetzner fast

I have lost over 10 kg as a result of my fast and, perhaps more importantly, I know will lead a more disciplined/healthy lifestyle following the fast. Spending my vacation fasting has actually been a lot of fun!

Alexander, Dinner Cancelling and Buchinger/Luetzner Fast