Standard event terms & conditions

This document is part of any contract related to the attendance at, or booking of, any event advertised and organised by us.



Any written information made available to the customer about us or our terms of business shall be deemed incorporated herein and in the event of dispute these terms and conditions shall prevail. No implicit terms may be implied into this contract.

In paying for and/or arriving at any event organised by us, you agree to these terms and conditions.


Bookings are confirmed when the customer pays a deposit or pays in full, regardless of whether we have received the funds yet or not.

Residential events

We reserve the right to apply minimum numbers to our events and cancel them if they fall below the minimum number of guests. In the event that a paid-for event is cancelled by us due to under-subscription, we will refund your payment minus an administration cost of 5% plus £3.

We reserve the right to change the room you have been allocated for the event at any time. Unless stated otherwise, check in for guest rooms is 14.00 and check out is 11.30. To guarantee a room prior to this time it must be booked the previous night.

You agree to be bound by all reasonable instructions of us or our authorised representatives (including employees of hotels or other accommodation) in respect of safety and conduct.

No food or beverage may be bought from outside on to the premises unless permission is given expressly prior to the event.

No sale or auction of business may take place at the venue of any residential event organised by us while the event runs, or one day before or after it, unless approved by us in writing.

Fitness to attend

To participate in Buchinger fasting you must be healthy. Please see our guidance on who can and cannot fast to make sure you are eligible for fasting.

Please do not purchase a ticket to any event that involves fasting if you are in any way sick or in one of the categories of people that should not fast, as a full refund cannot be guaranteed.

Cancellation by you

If you cancel your attendance at an event we reserce the right to impose additional cancellation charges.  These will be based on the expected revenue at the time of cancellation.

In excess of 6 weeks prior


6 – 3 weeks prior


3 – 1 week prior


Less than 1 week


Where possible if space can be resold to another client, the cancellation charge will be reviewed accordingly.

Deposits are non refundable regardless of the amount exceeding any applicable cancellation charge.

Any guests who do not arrive at an event as expected will be charged at 100% of their respective revenue.


Your right to participate in any of our events may be terminated if we are given reasonable grounds on which to form the opinion that either the customer or any of their servants, guests or representatives act in a manner considered to be prejudicial to our good name, and we shall also be at liberty to terminate the contract or event forthwith without being liable for any refund or any compensation to you.